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Such an honor to be featured in the May issue of Rangefinder Magazine!

Click here to view article: RANGEFINDER MAGAZINE ARTICLE

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Wanted to share some great news! SMF was featured on Maharani Weddings earlier this month! Check it out!

Click here… SMF featured on Maharani Weddings!

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It is finally here! Our new website and blog have officially launched! The first half of 2011 has been great, and we are so psyched for part two! We really want to thank everyone that has helped to support, promote and show the love to Sunday Morning Films. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you guys! So have a look around and let us know what you think!

So here goes… Lets get Blogging!

The Sunday Morning Films blog will not only be used to promote our films but also as a source of tips on how to prepare for your big day so that when it comes it can be everything you’ve dreamed.

Fans of this blog will be treated to monthly tips from vendors across the board. We have teamed up with wedding professionals that we have met over the years ~ photographers, hair and make-up artists, planners, etc ~ and they are all ready to share their expertise with you through this blog. If you have a topic that our blog hasn’t covered and you need some help, just send in your questions to our new SMF team member and blogger, Meg. Meg will research your question and post a reply in the ‘Just Ask Meg’ series.

SMF’s goal is to not only show you that there is a different type of ‘wedding video’ out there… but that there is also an easier way to plan these weddings. Because at the end of that amazing day it’s not about linen selection and seating charts, but rather you and your loved ones celebrating this new chapter in your lives.

-The Sunday Morning Films Team

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